The Children's Center



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Infants 6 weeks -12 months

     Our staff provides various infant activities that enhances cognitive, social, emotional as well as physical development in a warm loving environment. Developing a feeling of security and positive attachment in an infant is our most important task. A daily information sheet is recorded for each child and given to the parent at the end of the day. We understand that being away from your infant is hard that’s why we have (Open Door Policy) which means you can come and spend your lunch break playing and visiting with your baby. Formula and baby food is provided at no extra charge.


Toddlers ages 1-2 years

     Our program offers age appropriate activities to keep your toddler’s fingers busy and their mind happy. Activities include listening to stories, singing, dancing, arts and crafts. Our outdoor play provides structured activities to promote large muscle development. Breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, p.m. snack are provided daily at no extra charge. 

Preschool level 1 ages 2-3 years

     In this class our staff builds on the children’s new found autonomy, language skills and increased sense of self as well as potty training. Our staff provides a wide variety of hands on learning opportunities that enhances social skills, letter and number recognition. Activities include painting, coloring, blocks, puzzles, math, dancing, Indoor and outdoor play to promote fine and large motor skills. Breakfast, a.m. snack, Lunch, p.m. snack are provides daily at no extra charge.

Preschool level 2 (ages 3 and up) 

     In this class we believe that young children learn by doing. They construct their own knowledge through their own hands, self-directed exploration and through interaction with materials and people. Preschoolers need many concrete, active, hands on experiences. They need real-life opportunities to explore and make discoveries and solve problems. They need many opportunities to try new things and be creative. As children experience events with all their senses they gradually internalize many concepts. Independence and social interaction are encouraged. Opportunities are provided to enhance creativity and language development. Cognitive skills are developed in the areas of math, science, number and letter recognition. Breakfast, a.m. snack, Lunch, p.m. snack are provides daily at no extra charge.