The Children's Center Mission:

     The Children's Center offers an Early Childhood Development program for children newborn to 6 years of age. The Center's purpose is to provide a rich environment, which will enhance and stimulate the development of the total child, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

     We offer creative learning activities which incorporate reading readiness, math readiness, arts and crafts. The educational materials in the environment are also designed to provide a wide variety of learning experiences, geared to the developmental needs of each child. These experiences will allow the child to have positive feelings about his or her self and build capabilities in all the following areas: Physical Development, Emotional Development, Social Development, and intellectual Growth.

     The Children's Center staff is carefully screened and selected for experience and commitment to young children. All of our staff have taken and/or are actively taking college-level early-childhood education courses to better serve your child's needs. 

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The Children's Center


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